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What We Do

We are an organisation that aims to assist the conservation community at large by leveraging the latest machine-vision technologies to increase both the efficiency and accuracy of existing processes, as well as to solve new problems.


Our goal is to use technology to give back to the planet from which we have taken so much.

What We Offer

Elephant Survey System

An aerial surveying system that uses AI to identify and count the number of Elephants in an Area.


High resolution images allow aircraft to fly higher than traditional approaches, covering larger areas in shorter periods of time.


Fewer crew members reduces cost and risk to human life.


Automated elephant counting improves accuracy.


Image data serves as a permanent record and paper trail, allowing a count to be audited.


Camera-trap surveying software that uses AI to automatically annotate your data.

Annotate an entire 40 000 image survey in as little as 1 hour.


Improved accuracy over traditional methods, with more data at your fingertips.


Manage and store your data securely in the cloud.


Instantly analyse survey results using built-in tools.


Download detailed results in custom .csv files at any level of abstraction.


Completely free to use.

We have developed these tools out of our love for wildlife, passion for conservation and desire to make a change.

About Us

We are a team of tech-minded individuals with a passion for conservation, and a desire to help out where we can with the resources and skills at our fingertips. We apply modern technology, especially in the form of machine vision, to solving challenging conservation problems in order to serve the conservation community at large.


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